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We went to Virginia beach for vacation from south Alexandria. We took I-95 South the whole way.

When coming home, we programmed in our home address. It chose to take rout 301 North to Maryland, up back roads and hick towns of Maryland. To I-95 South, which is north of our home, back to South Alexandria then on rout one South to our home. This was ridiculous sending us to Virginia to Maryland and back to Virginia again.

When we could have used I-95 North the whole way.

My question is: Dose The oil companies own a major part of your stock?????

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I expect you inadvertently changed the configuration to avoid major highways. We did that once but recognized it right away and changed it. It then worked fine.

Yes, you can always use a map if you don't like where it's taking you.

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My question is - can you read a map and think for yourself? Clearly not.

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